Garda 2010 E Stampa
Mercoledì 28 Aprile 2010 09:30

Italian Version

- 21° Official Meeting-

27 GIUGNO 2010:  Lungo lago di Garda (Verona)


The Punto Racing Club would like to invite everyone in the municipality of Garda (address: Largo Europa) for the eighth edition of the International Punto Meeting! For the benefit of the few remaining Europeans who have no idea what we are talking about, more than 150 FIAT Punto, Grande Punto and Grande Punto Abarth from all over Italy will be participating. There will also be foreign friends visiting and representing clubs whose members are admirers of Italian cars, in particular of course fans of the Punto!

The massive presence of so many Punto united together would be enough to make this day unique, but besides this an Aesthetics Competition, SPL with a total of over 30 Trophy Cups will be also held!!! Naturally there will also be a lottery, water jokes and other many surprises!!!

This year we have decided to confront the past vs the present. What does this mean? There will be two car exhibition areas, The Abarth Paddock and The GT Paddock. The first will bring together all of the Grande Punto Abarth to represent the newly formed AbarthClub. The GT Paddock would like , once again , to pay homage to the Punto GT which remains always in the hearts of our club members and not only ours! Naturally there will be specific prizes dedicated to the two “sides”
All that you have to do in order to participate is register for  the event and indicate which Paddock you are interested in joining.

See List of Participants
A reminder that this event is organised by the Punto Racing Club and  participation is open to all club members and owners of Fiat Punto, Grande Punto and GP Abarth.
Foreign Clubs may participate with their Italian cars and a special area will be reserved  for them. There will also be an area for regular club members.
Please note: Foreign cars are NOT permitted to participate in the meeting. Parking will be available for Italian cars all throughout the day and is reserved for regular Punto Racing Club members and foreign visitors.
Meeting costs are :
- 5 Euro for Regular Members who should show their Membership cards at the entrance
- 5 Euro for Foreign Visitors
- 15 Euro for NON Members

For anyone wanting to join the club, a payment of  20 euro can be made directly at the entrance to the meeting which will be comprehensive of entrance fee and club enrolment.